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Cowboy boots and Chuckwagon races

So.. it’s Stampede time here in Calgary which means everyone dresses up in hats, jeans, buckles and boots and has a big party.
There is a parade

The husband seemed to like the parade..

Will and Kate were here last year.

There is a rodeo..

And Chuckwagon races.. ( don’t ask.. It’s too hard to explain)

There are fireworks and music and girls in flippy dresses and cowboy boots

There are interesting food choices too. Where else can you find Deep fried Oreos or deep fried Cheesecake or deep fried Mars Bar!

They like their buckles over here too.

I made this one from a plate like this one

It’s hot today though. I don’t think i can wear jeans when its 32C! I think I’ll eat ice-cream instead.

Happy Stampede!!

Scones and Champagne anyone?

I love Antique bone china. I know that some people might think that I don’t, because I like to make my buckles out of it, but I really do. I love the colours, I love the patterns and I love the delicate shapes.


Usually, if I am at someone’s house, I will admire their china from a distance. I wouldn’t want them to think that I had deliberately dropped Great Aunt Flo’s china teacup just so that I could make a great buckle or necklace out of it (though ‘old country roses’ does make a great buckle)


The other thing I like about beautiful bone china is the high tea experience. When we lived in Canada I would find any excuse to take visitors out to Lake Louise to have high tea over looking the lake.


I especially like it when a high tea begins with a glass of champagne before moving on to petite sandwiches, tiny pastries and delicious scones and cakes all served on beautiful bone china plates. There is really nothing that I don’t like about the high tea experience.

So when I discovered two enterprising girls who love to collect beautiful pieces of china and not turn them into wearable art I was intrigued. They are actually happy to rent out their beautiful china for anyone to use for a high tea, or a wedding or any event where a little added style and sophistication might be needed. Understandably I got quite excited!

A Vintage Affair have a wonderful range of pieces for hire for all sorts of occasions. They have been featured in a number of magazines.


Charming Vintage Tea also have a lovely range of pieces and they will deliver and set up the pieces as well as pick up and wash them afterwards. Sounds like a great idea to me.


Perhaps we should have an afternoon tea with matching buckles and tea cups!
Do you see any you might recognise?


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