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My Spring Garden

Melbourne in Spring seems to oscillate between Summer and Winter temperatures. There is usually wind at times, rain at times and sun at times! However the garden is starting to look Spring like at least.

The first of the Roses are starting to Bloom too

This one is Nancy Haywood

This is an old Dutch Rose. I can pronounce it but I can’t spell it for you sorry.

Of course all of the Winter rain means weeds, weeds, weeds so I have been doing a lot of weeding of late.

The old rooster is happy about that..

So is the fish ( he doesn’t look that happy but it’s hard for a fish to look happy really)

I’m happy, I love it when the garden comes to life again.

I’ll be even happier when I have finished with the weeds..

Then I thought I’d celebrate with a High Tea with friends in the garden.

The garden really looks its best around Cup week when the roses are all out. I’ll make sure to take some photos to show you.

Until then I’d best get back to the weeding.

Trends for this Season

So as our long, cold, wet Winter makes way, in Melbourne, for Spring…¬†here are some of the trends for the season.

I think that I can happily avoid the ‘tribal prints’ trend but hey that’s just me..

Here goes:

1. Print Clashing

2. Neon Colours

3. Florals

4. Pink

5. Pastels

6. And best of all….the Spring/Summer trend is Western

It’s easy to use accessories to keep up with the latest trends without having to buy into the whole look.

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