Lisa Levick, an Australian artist, began working with mosaics over fifteen years ago. During that time she has worked with a range of mediums including Italian glass, stained glass, ceramic tile and bone china. Lisa’s mosaic pieces include a two and half metre (eight foot) long outdoor table, bird baths, garden pots, pavers and other outdoor pieces. Lisa loves the tactile aspect of mosaicing and is drawn to the range of beautiful colours and textures, particularly in the bone china.

Broken Plate Mosaic Belt Buckles was established in 2007, following a move to Canada, when Lisa began mosaicing on a smaller scale and producing her one of a kind, unique, mosaic belt buckles. Lisa enjoys working with antique bone china to create her mosaic belt buckles. The quality of the china she uses produces mosaic buckles with a beautiful lustre and shine in a range of patterns and colours.


Lisa enjoys scouring antique shops and markets for old bone china plates and saucers which, when broken up, will translate into fabulous buckles. She is often inspired by the seasons and loves reworking the china into something completely different.

Lisa’s beautiful mosaic belt buckles have been featured on the Australian Drama ‘Winners and Losers”, and in magazines and newspapers in Australia and Canada.

I had wanted a Broken Plate Mosaic buckle for a long time. After my husband failed to pick up on my numerous hints, I finally treated myself to a gorgeous blue buckle and bought a purple one as a gift for a friend. I wear mine with everything and always get plenty of compliments. They are beautifully crafted and made with love.

Karen Frazier Walsh, Melbourne, Vic

My friends gave me a Broken Plate Mosaic belt buckle for my birthday and I love it.. In fact I loved it so much I went and bought myself another one. Both look fantastic with jeans, pants and skirts and I wear them all the time.
Karen Johnson,  Melbourne, Vic

Broken Plate Mosaic Belt Buckles Have been featured in The Avenue Magazine, Canada, The Age ‘ I made it Myself’,
Handmade in Melbourne and seen on ‘ Winners and Losers