Rudolf Nureyev’s Tomb

Rudolf Nureyev's Tomb

Rudolf Nureyev’s Tomb

Ever since I began mosaicing I have wanted to visit Rudolf Nureyev’s Tomb.

I saw a photo of it in a Kaffe Fassett book on Mosaicing and it has been on my wish list ever since.

Broken Plate Mosaic Belt Buckles Rudolf Nureyevs tomb 7

Rudolf Nureyev was a Soviet born Ballet dancer and choreographer.

He was born in Russia in 1938 and defected to the West in 1961 at the age of  23.

He died of AIDS in Paris in 1993 and his funeral was held in the foyer of the Paris Garnier Opera House.

Broken Plate Mosaic Belt Buckles Rudolf Nureyevs tomb 6

He is buried in the Russian Cemetery in a town on the outskirts of Paris

called St- Genevieve-des-Bois.

It takes about 45 mins to get there by train.

Broken Plate Mosaic Belt Buckles Rudolf Nureyev's tomb 16

From Paris catch the RER train on the (yellow) C6 St Martin d’Etampes line to St- Genevieve-des- Bois.

We caught the train from the St- Michel Notre Dame station.

Broken Plate Mosaic Belt Buckles Rudolf Nureyev's Tomb 21

From St- Genevieve-des-Bois  you catch a 104 bus going to ZI Croix Blanche, stop at Parc Pierre, which is very close to the cemetery. Our bus driver very kindly dropped us off directly at the front.

Broken Plate Mosaic Belt Buckles Rudolf Nureyevs tomb 9

Broken Plate Mosaic Belt Buckles Rudolf Nureyev's tomb 17Broken Plate Mosaic Belt Buckles Rudolf Nureyev's tomb 9

It’s a really beautiful little cemetery, very quiet and peaceful and we were virtually the only ones there.

Broken Plate Mosaic Belt Buckles Rudolf Nureyev's tomb 11

Nureyev’s grave features a tomb draped in a mosaic of a Kilm oriental carpet.

It was designed by his friend, Ezio Frigerio, who was the set designer for many of Nureyev’s choreography sets.

Broken Plate Mosaic Belt Buckles Rudolf Nureyev's Tomb 1

Broken Plate Mosaic Belt Buckles Rudolf Nureyev's tomb 12

The mosaic is predominantly made up of red, gold and blue smalti mosaic tiles.

Broken Plate Mosaic Belt Buckles Rudolf Nureyevs tomb 4

Broken Plate Mosaic Belt Buckles Rudolf Nureyevs tomb 3

If you are in Paris, you are interested and you have the time… it’s well worth the visit.

Broken Plate Mosaic Belt Buckles Rudolf Nureyev's tomb 20

I don’t think you’ll be disappointed and it will certainly be an adventure!

Here’s the link to the cemetery map

It’s open between 8am – 7:30 pm in the Summer and between 8am – 5pm in the Winter

8, rue Léo-Lagrange 91700

Broken Plate Mosaic Belt Buckles Rudolf Nureyev's tomb 10

Broken Plate Mosaic Belt Buckles Rudolf Nureyev's tomb 22

Luna Park Mosaics – Out and About


St Kilda

St Kilda


I was out and about in St Kilda lately and wandered along to the iconic Luna Park


unique mosaic belt buckle 12



I was delighted to discover the large-scale sculptural mosaic pieces by Pamela Irving entitled  

“Dreaming with Open Eyes”


unique mosaic belt buckle 8




Mosaics Luna Park

Mosaics Luna Park


Pamela was commissioned to create the work in 2010 in celebration of Luna Park’s 98th birthday.



unique mosaic belt buckle 9


The work is made up of tile and china pieces and consists of both three dimensional and flat figures.

It is approximately 25 square metres.



unique mosaic belt buckle 10

Pamela’s mosaic work is located on the Luna Palace Building,

which houses the dodgem cars and arcade games.

unique mosaic belt buckle 5

Unique Mosaic Belt Buckle 1

unique mosaic belt buckle 3

unique mosaic belt buckle 2

unique mosaic belt buckle 4



The Strathewen Mosaic Letter Boxes and The Beautiful Memorial Tree

Strathewen Mosaic letter Box

Strathewen Mosaic Letter Box

The Strathewen Mosaic Letter Box Project was launched in August 2010 and began three months after the Feb 7 2009 fires which decimated the township of Strathewen. Victoria experienced severe fire weather that day which resulted in a firestorm in which 173 people died. Two of the Major fires were experienced in the Kinglake region and in the Marysville region. Strathewen is near the Kinglake National Park, on Feb 7 2009 23 residents died (from a population of 200) and 80 houses were destroyed.

Marion Oakley, a mosaic artist from Strathewen, provided a space for the people of Strathewen to come together, grieve, talk and construct new mosaic letterboxes. It was important to her that they put some colour back into the blackened landscape. Over time others joined the project from outside the community to also help make mosaic letterboxes and contribute in  rebuilding the Strathewen community.

Mosaic Letter Box - broken-plate-mosaic-belt-buckles

Strathewen is an apple and pear producing area which also hosts some small wineries.  It’s not really the kind of place you would pass through to get anywhere and the people who lived there liked that about the place.


Strathewe- broken-plate-mosaic-belt-buckles


The typical letterboxes in the area looked not unlike these ones that I photographed on my way into Strathewen.

handmade mosaic belt buckle

I inadvertently disturbed this fella when I stopped to photograph the letterboxes!

handmade mosaic belt buckles

Having seen the Mosaic Letterboxes when they were on display after the completion of the project. I was interested to visit Strathewen and see the letterboxes around the community.

mosaic belt buckles

handmade mosaic belt buckle

Strathewen is still in the process of rebuilding, even though it has been over five years since the fires.

I found these three beauties outside the newly rebuilt Strathewen Primary School

unique handmade mosaic belt buckles


unique handmade mosaic belt buckles primary school

unique handmade mosaic belt buckles primary school 2

This one was perched up higher on the hill

unique handmade mosaic belt buckle

The devastation of the fires is still apparent in the landscape

unique handmade mosaic belt buckle



unique hand made mosaic belt buckle 2

And it felt very appropriate to be paying my respects to this area on Anzac Day.

unique handmade mosaic belt buckles 8

unique handmade mosaic belt buckles 3

unique hand made mosaic buckles 4

unique handmade mosaic belt buckles 7

unique handmade mosaic belt buckles 5

The Peter Avoca Memorial Pavillion at the Strathewen Recreational Reserve was also the site chose for the

Blacksmiths Tree.

unique handmade mosaic belt buckles tree

The Blacksmiths Tree is an extraordinary piece of community art which was developed as a gift to all of the communities who were impacted by the Feb 7 2009 fires.

The Blacksmiths Tree was erected on February 14, 2014 and was five years in the making. Hundreds of blacksmiths from across 20 countries around the world forged leaves for the tree.


unique handmade mosaic belt buckles tree 3

The Blacksmiths Tree is 10 metres high and is made from stainless steal and copper. It looks like a dead, fire affected gum tree and it is very beautiful. It fits perfectly into the landscape which surrounds it.

There is also a memorial park to commemorate the 23 lives lost in Strathewen on Feb 7 2009.

unique handmade mosaic belt buckle memorial

unique handmade mosaic belt buckles memorial

Lest We Forget.



Escadaria Selaron


Having missed the amazing mosaic steps when I was in San Francisco… I was not planning on making the same mistake on my recent trip to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


Escadaria Selaron (Steps Selaron) are the work of a Chilean born artist, Jorge Selaron, who, in 1990, began renovating the dilapidated steps that ran along the front of his house. He initially used pieces of blue, green and yellow tiles because these are the colours of the Brazilian flag..





Initially he used whatever materials he could find from construction sites and piles of urban waste from the streets of Rio – tiles, mirror etc.. Gradually he began to add his own original pieces (depicting a pregnant  African woman) and the colour red because, he claimed, “there are certain colours, particularly red, that bring joy wherever they are.”




People began to hear about his steps and to bring tiles for him to use from different parts of the world…





Slowly the steps transformed into a whimsical mosaic cascade. No sooner was one section finished that he would begin work on another section, constantly changing it so that it was an ever evolving piece of art.




IMG_9126 IMG_9125

There are 250 steps and they are now covered by over 2000 tiles from over 60 countries around the world. The steps have now been featured in a number of ads, magazines and video clips (Snoop Dog and U2). Sadly Selaron was found dead on the steps earlier this year. It’s unknown as to whether he was murdered or if it was suicide. His tribute to the Brazilian people lives on, however, and he will not be forgotten.



Completion of the Table


Ok, so I’ve been really slack!! I left you all hanging in the lurch re the completion of the table! Sorry about that. I DID finish it, despite Melbourne’s Autumn being hotter than Hades (he was the Ancient Greek God of the Under world – did you know that?). Of course, by the time it had cooled down enough to grout it, it was too late in the season to sit around and use it, so it has been marinating in the Winter rains and will be ready to go come Spring!

Here’s a close up so you can see that I really did grout it.


Here it is sitting out amongst the Autumn leaves…


You will be happy to know that we had a lovely afternoon tea to celebrate the completion of the table..


There were raspberry and white chocolate muffins and cups of tea.. I don’t break up ALL of my beautiful china.



There were also still roses flowering in the garden..


(The painting is by a dear friend from Canada – check out her artist page Kari Lehr Art).

So the table was finished and celebrated but

I still haven’t grouted the other pot.


Looks like that will be this coming Summer’s job ( I might even do it in the Spring). I’ll let you know…

In the meantime I’ve been back at it making buckles and necklaces and earings etc.. for the markets..


Romanesque 288 Big Cartel

If you are interested I’ve put the buckles onto the Big Cartel store – brokenplatemosaics.bigcartel.com

Scones, Gardens and Art – A Magical Day

Apart from Champagne and Music, my other passions include Mosaics, Gardens, Art, Antique Bone China and Devonshire Teas.
On a recent Sunday I managed to indulge in a number of these passions…

My lovely neighbour and my clever, arty, gardening friend and I first set off to visit Banool, which was on display, for the first time, as a part of the open garden scheme. ‘Banool’ is a Paul Bangay designed garden filled with lovely old trees and interesting sculptural pieces


‘Banool’ has a lovely, old, stone house, which was built in 1936. The property was bought, by the current owners, in 2004 and the house and gardens have been extensively renovated.



There are many interesting copper sculptural pieces including a number of handmade copper swings, which looked amazing as architectural pieces.

The day began with rain but ended up being quite pleasant, though the seats were a little wet for our Devonshire tea tasting by the pool.

My trusty neighbour appears to be enjoying the scones! She didn’t continue on with us to the next garden/artist studio. Perhaps she went back for more scones…

We continued on to visit Nerina Lascelles. , one of the amazing artists who had her studio open as part of the Nillumbik Artist Open Studios
Nerina has been exhibiting in Australia and overseas for over 20 years. Her work is quite layered and seems to have a Japanese influence. I find it very beautiful.

The house was an incredible backdrop for Nerina’s exquisite paintings.





Our next stop was Shaaron Smith’s Mosaics Studio




This was the original purpose of our trip and we found Shaaron warm and friendly and her garden a riot of mosaics and roses.





Shaaron also runs classes in mosaics so if you are interested make sure you contact her. Click on the link above for her details.

Whilst we were admiring Shaaron’s mosaics, we met a couple who suggested another studio they thought we should visit. So we jumped back into our cars and bounced our way along a long and winding road and dusty tracks to find the oasis of Kay Steventon

Kay has a studio with her pantings but it was her ceramic pieces which I fell in love with…



Her garden was beautiful too and we were encouraged to have a wander through..



And so it was with a heart filled with gardens and art and mosaics and scones and adventure and beauty that we headed home. A Perfect day really.

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