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Rudolf Nureyev’s Tomb

Rudolf Nureyev's Tomb

Rudolf Nureyev’s Tomb

Ever since I began mosaicing I have wanted to visit Rudolf Nureyev’s Tomb.

I saw a photo of it in a Kaffe Fassett book on Mosaicing and it has been on my wish list ever since.

Broken Plate Mosaic Belt Buckles Rudolf Nureyevs tomb 7

Rudolf Nureyev was a Soviet born Ballet dancer and choreographer.

He was born in Russia in 1938 and defected to the West in 1961 at the age of  23.

He died of AIDS in Paris in 1993 and his funeral was held in the foyer of the Paris Garnier Opera House.

Broken Plate Mosaic Belt Buckles Rudolf Nureyevs tomb 6

He is buried in the Russian Cemetery in a town on the outskirts of Paris

called St- Genevieve-des-Bois.

It takes about 45 mins to get there by train.

Broken Plate Mosaic Belt Buckles Rudolf Nureyev's tomb 16

From Paris catch the RER train on the (yellow) C6 St Martin d’Etampes line to St- Genevieve-des- Bois.

We caught the train from the St- Michel Notre Dame station.

Broken Plate Mosaic Belt Buckles Rudolf Nureyev's Tomb 21

From St- Genevieve-des-Bois  you catch a 104 bus going to ZI Croix Blanche, stop at Parc Pierre, which is very close to the cemetery. Our bus driver very kindly dropped us off directly at the front.

Broken Plate Mosaic Belt Buckles Rudolf Nureyevs tomb 9

Broken Plate Mosaic Belt Buckles Rudolf Nureyev's tomb 17Broken Plate Mosaic Belt Buckles Rudolf Nureyev's tomb 9

It’s a really beautiful little cemetery, very quiet and peaceful and we were virtually the only ones there.

Broken Plate Mosaic Belt Buckles Rudolf Nureyev's tomb 11

Nureyev’s grave features a tomb draped in a mosaic of a Kilm oriental carpet.

It was designed by his friend, Ezio Frigerio, who was the set designer for many of Nureyev’s choreography sets.

Broken Plate Mosaic Belt Buckles Rudolf Nureyev's Tomb 1

Broken Plate Mosaic Belt Buckles Rudolf Nureyev's tomb 12

The mosaic is predominantly made up of red, gold and blue smalti mosaic tiles.

Broken Plate Mosaic Belt Buckles Rudolf Nureyevs tomb 4

Broken Plate Mosaic Belt Buckles Rudolf Nureyevs tomb 3

If you are in Paris, you are interested and you have the time… it’s well worth the visit.

Broken Plate Mosaic Belt Buckles Rudolf Nureyev's tomb 20

I don’t think you’ll be disappointed and it will certainly be an adventure!

Here’s the link to the cemetery map

It’s open between 8am – 7:30 pm in the Summer and between 8am – 5pm in the Winter

8, rue Léo-Lagrange 91700

Broken Plate Mosaic Belt Buckles Rudolf Nureyev's tomb 10

Broken Plate Mosaic Belt Buckles Rudolf Nureyev's tomb 22

Luna Park Mosaics – Out and About


St Kilda

St Kilda


I was out and about in St Kilda lately and wandered along to the iconic Luna Park


unique mosaic belt buckle 12



I was delighted to discover the large-scale sculptural mosaic pieces by Pamela Irving entitled  

“Dreaming with Open Eyes”


unique mosaic belt buckle 8




Mosaics Luna Park

Mosaics Luna Park


Pamela was commissioned to create the work in 2010 in celebration of Luna Park’s 98th birthday.



unique mosaic belt buckle 9


The work is made up of tile and china pieces and consists of both three dimensional and flat figures.

It is approximately 25 square metres.



unique mosaic belt buckle 10

Pamela’s mosaic work is located on the Luna Palace Building,

which houses the dodgem cars and arcade games.

unique mosaic belt buckle 5

Unique Mosaic Belt Buckle 1

unique mosaic belt buckle 3

unique mosaic belt buckle 2

unique mosaic belt buckle 4



Remaking the Mosaic Table…

ImageTen years ago my trusty partner and I made an outdoor mosaic table. We were living in Perth at the time and bought all of the wall tiles from various tile stores around Perth. The table was designed using the Sacred Geometry symbol called ‘The Flower of Life”. We picked colours which reminded us of the colours of Perth..



We moved back to Melbourne with our marine ply and our tiles and had a wrought iron base made to fit the ply. The table took a year to make and was enjoyed for many an event. Unfortunately the dog ate the cover for the table (don’t ask) so it was open to the elements. This would not have been a major problem.. the marine ply board had been waterproofed but timber swells and shrinks and the grout cracked .. and I should’ve regrouted but I didn’t. Why not? Well, I love mosaicing but I have to say grouting is not my favourite task! Call me crazy but breaking my back and rubbing my fingers raw are not my favourite part about mosaics.. so I just didn’t get around to it. I wasn’t really worried I thought the marine ply would hold out. Unfortunately it didn’t..

And that is why this Summer’s task has been to remake the mosaic table…



A new piece of marine ply was purchased and waterproofed with Bote Coat (an extremely toxic boat waterproofing agent). Two coats were applied. Next we transfered the ‘flower of life’ pattern onto the table and measured up where the border tiles should go.


Hours and hours and hours and hours were spent cutting the grout off all of the old pieces of tile. I cannot tell you how many episodes of ‘Breaking Bad’ I watched as I snicked grout from tiles!!


This is an example of one of the buckets waiting to be snickered.  My fingers were covered in bandages from the blisters. Oh it was fun and I kept wondered why I hadn’t just regrouted in the first place!!



Finally the new table was ready for the fun part – gluing…


Slowly, slowly the pattern began to take shape..




First the Border..



Then the leaves..





And so it grew…



And Grew…



And Grew…



It was Hot too.. Under the plastic roofing it was over 36C some days..



But I was on a mission…



There was a week’s break down at the beach and then it was back into it..




And so it came down to the final piece..


And then it was done..



Well, it’s glued at least. And now for the dreaded grouting..


I’ve made a start… But it’s been too hot! Grout needs to be between 5C and 35C and it’s been 27C at 9am!! The weather isn’t looking like cooling down anytime soon and it’s supposed to be Autumn..



I’m just doing it in tiny bits so that the grout doesn’t crack. 

Maybe whilst I’m doing the table I’ll get on and grout this pot..



This baby is now in Grade One so I’m thinking maybe I should get on with grouting it.. (the pot not the baby). 


I told you I hate grouting..



Strathewen Mosaic Letter Box Project

On Sunday I am planning to head out to Panton Hill and Kangaroo Ground to the Nillumbik Open Studios. I mentioned Shaaron Smith in my previous post. I am really looking forward to having a look at her work. In the meantime I thought  that I’d share some photos of the mosaic letter boxes from Strathewen (which I also mentioned in my previous post). These were taken when they were exhibited in Hurstbridge before they found their new homes in Strathewen. I am looking forward to seeing how they have settled in….


St Andrews mosaic seat – after the fires.


On Feb 7 2009 a number of areas in Victoria experienced a massive firestorm in which 173 people died. 

One of the areas which was severely affected by this fire storn was the Kinglake -Kinglake West- St Andrew’s- Strathewen area. More than 1200 homes were destroyed in this area and 120 people died.  Many people  were deeply affected by what had happened on that day and were looking for a way to help. Chris, a friend of mine, decided to start a mosaic group in St Andrews and a group of women began to meet once a week bringing with them pieces of broken china, glass tile and bricks which they had managed to salvage from their properties after the fires had burnt through.


Chris taught them how to mosaic and together they created pieces of art which managed to preserve some memory of that which they had lost in the fires.



After finishing their personal pieces the group decided that they would like to make something for the community which would artistically express their memories of what had happened before, during and beyond that day on Feb 7 2009.

It was agreed that they would make a mosaic seat, which would tell the story and which would sit in St Andrew’s by the Hall (near where the market is held every Saturday). 



For over two years these women came together every week and their personal stories, memories and experiences were encorporated into the mosiac design.



The Lasting Memories Mosaic seat was officially unveiled on Mothers Day, May 2012. 








For those who are interested there is a video of the mosaic seat on you tube

under St Andrews Lasting Memories Mosaic Seat



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