Winner and Losers

‘Winners and Losers’ starts it’s new season this week. In the First Season Bec wore one of my buckles as she tried to save someones life. Which perhaps suggests that my buckles may have super powers… just saying…

Unfortunately, taking photos from the T.V ends up looking like a photo through a fly wire door, but still it’s better than nothing I guess. ¬†Here’s the buckle she wore.


And here are some snaps of her wearing the buckle..


Here she is in deep conversation with Jenny.. (41 mins into the show)


And here she is visiting the poor girl in hospital ( looking suitably concerned).


Sorry for the fly wire effect but it was pretty exciting seeing my buckle on T.V for the whole show. and I thought it looked pretty good belted over a dress.

Suitably, when I took the ‘Which Winners and Losers girl are you?’ quiz. I was most like Bec.

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